Adopting an Omnichannel Approach with Ombori

What is Omnichannel?

Benefits of Omnichannel Retail

  • Retailers’ omnichannel customers spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in the store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. With every additional channel they used, shoppers spent more money in the store.
  • Among omnichannel shoppers, those who conducted prior research on the retailer’s website or sites of other retailers spent 13% more in the store.
  • Omnichannel shoppers were also more loyal. Within six months after an omnichannel shopping experience, these customers had logged 23% more repeat shopping trips to the retailer’s stores and were more likely to recommend the brand to family and friends than those who used a single channel.

Omnichannel Technologies

  • Endless Aisle . Endless Aisle technology leverages digital signage to display a retailer’s full selection of products on the interface. Customers can use the technology to view current inventory. When they find an item to purchase, they can opt to pay for it in-store or via digital signage and have it shipped to their home. They even have the option of scanning a QR code, which brings them to a virtual cart on their phone, allowing them to continue shopping on the retailer’s e-commerce site.
  • Selfie Mirror. The Ombori Selfie Mirror is an innovative technology designed to improve customer engagement. It allows customers to take a selfie while at the store and share their photos via various social media platforms. Additionally, specialized Selfie Mirrors, such as the H&M Selfie Mirror located in Times Square, allow customers to view the retailer’s latest fashions. A QR code allows shoppers to purchase desired items via a mobile device.

Queue Management and Appointment Booking

The Future of Omnichannel



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