Benefits of Crowd Counter Tech

What is a Crowd Counter?

Crowd Counting is a technique used to count the number of people in a crowd. It is especially important today when venues must comply not only with emergency and fire safety standards but also occupancy limits and social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19.

Why is Crowd Counting Important?

Various factors influence crowd dynamics, including time, space, the information available to guests, and the group’s collective energy. Crowd managers must be ready for unanticipated events — moments when circumstances can change rapidly, influencing real-time dynamics and requiring immediate action. Without effective crowd management, trampling incidents, crowd crushes, and violence can occur.

Benefits of Using Crowd Counters

While many event organizers and retail business owners have started using crowd-counting solutions to comply with government requirements related to the pandemic, the versatility of the data collected can deliver positive long-term results:

  • Boosted Revenue: Crowd-counting technology provides organizers with data related to the success of different marketing techniques and media channels used at various locations. This allows them to boost methods that attract attention and generate leads while eliminating less effective methods.

Types of Crowd Counters

Until recently, organizers and business owners had few options for gaining insights into crowd dynamics. Traditional counters have tended to be slow, inaccurate, and unreliable. Moreover, they produce little to no helpful information that can assist organizers in saving money — and potentially lives — when planning future events.

Crowd-Counting Technology from Ombori

Ombori is a leading provider of technology solutions that help businesses, including event venues, crowd managers, and facilities planners, bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It has developed a full range of tools that can be used to effectively count and manage large crowds at special events.

Crowd-Counting Technology Impacts The Bottom Line

The risks associated with large crowds will never disappear, and crowd managers will always face immense responsibilities that technology alone cannot address. However, thanks to tech companies like Ombori, event organizers and management teams can receive the relevant, real-time information they need to make critical, split-second decisions. The ability to apply the knowledge gained from crowd-counting technology allows leaders to provide a safe, seamless, and satisfying experience for all guests, customers, and crowds.



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