Benefits of Wayfinding Maps In Retail Spaces

Changing Consumer Demands

It’s no secret that consumer demands are changing. Today’s shoppers want to retain the ease of shopping online while being able to easily find products on-site. Here’s what consumers value most:

What is Wayfinder Technology?

Wayfinding refers to digital systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Traditionally, shoppers have relied on static maps and aisle signs to navigate spaces and locate items.

What Types of Retail Spaces Can Benefit from Wayfinding Maps?

Retail stores often have long corridors, crowded shelves, and poorly designed layouts that make finding products on the shelves difficult. Here are some spaces where wayfinding technology can assist today’s shoppers:

Benefits of Wayfinding Maps

Retailers of all types can take advantage of wayfinding technology to provide a more modern approach to navigating their space. Here are some of the main benefits of wayfinding maps for both consumers and retailers:

  • Accessibility and Safety: Today, is essential. With well-thought-out design and navigation opinions, a wayfinding system helps retailers comply with ADA regulations. Maps make retail spaces more accessible to all shoppers by highlighting where ramps and elevators are located. Systems can also be used to alert shoppers to emergencies and give them directions to the nearest exit or a safe location.
  • Increased Revenue: Wayfinding technology helps retailers increase revenue. It allows them to strengthen customer loyalty, bringing buyers back to their stores. Retailers can use it to circumvent the in-person sales process by implementing upsells and cross-sells via digital signage. Finally, this technology allows retailers to create additional revenue streams through strategic advertising partnerships with other businesses.

Technology Improving the Efficacy of Wayfinding Maps

Ombori’s Wayfinder solution is an interactive, voice-activated map that allows customers to find what they want quickly. They simply tell Ombori Wayfinder what they want and download directions to their mobile device. To make the most of this technology, retailers should consider combining it with the other Ombori solutions:

  • Digital Signage and Playlists: Digital Signage allows retailers to display store maps and navigational instructions. When placed strategically throughout the store, signage helps shoppers save time, reduce stress, and improve their overall experience, as well as learn more about the retailer and its products. Businesses can also create Signage Playlists that allow them to alternate wayfinding maps with promotional materials and upcoming in-store events.
  • Store Assistant: Retailers can also integrate Ombori Wayfinder with the Store Assistant , which features Endless Aisle and Guided Selling , to help consumers make informed shopping decisions and increase sales. Shoppers can use guided selling to find products that are best suited for them. If an item is in stock, they can go directly to the shelf and grab it. However, if an item is not in the store, they can use the endless aisle to purchase it online, and either have it shipped or collect it later.

Wayfinding Technology: What’s in Store?

The future of wayfinding goes beyond practicality. Using enhanced technologies, retailers can focus on building rapport with anyone navigating their space. Wayfinding should be an experience: one that efficiently manages staff and effectively engages shoppers. People shouldn’t just know how to get to where they’re going — they should appreciate where they are.



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