Targeting In-Store Marketing Efforts via Tech Solutions

What is In-Store Marketing?

In-store marketing refers to all marketing strategies implemented within a physical store. Instead of marketing to customers to enter the store, in-store marketing focuses on engaging and converting customers once they have entered a specific location.

What is In-Store Marketing Used For?

In-store marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Entertaining: In-store marketing can keep customers entertained and engaged while they’re shopping. It provides an outlet for distraction and amusement, making the waiting process more palatable.

Effects of the Pandemic on In-Store Marketing

While many retailers have focused primarily on digital marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are now starting to reinvigorate their in-store marketing efforts. With shoppers eager to return to brick-and-mortar stores, businesses have an excellent opportunity to attract their attention with innovative in-store tech solutions that turn shopping into an experience and casual browsers into committed buyers.

Benefits of In-Store Marketing for Retailers

When done right, in-store marketing has many benefits. It’s not all about selling products, it’s more about offering a positive customer experience. Here are the top three benefits of successful in-store marketing tactics:

  • Leveraging Impulse Buying: In-store promotions can also help retailers encourage impulse purchases. According to studies, more than 40% of shoppers who buy from brick-and-mortar stores spend more than they had planned. Retailers can capitalize on this by convincing people to buy products along with what’s already on their shopping list.

Changing Consumer Values

Most people have started to raise their expectations when it comes to shopping. Gone are the days of speed and convenience, when shoppers would simply go out, purchase an item, and return home. Today, consumers want shopping to be more engaging — like it is online.

Types of Technology Retailers Can Use to Elicit the Most Positive Effect

To meet these changing demands, marketing has had to evolve. No longer is in-store advertising limited to a set of static signs or cardboard end-cap promotions. With the growth of media channels and video display options, in-store marketing is now delivered through a variety of digital tools that make in-store advertising more interesting for customers and more effective for marketing.

  • Interactive Kiosks: In-store kiosks provide shoppers with high-quality customer service. They are convenient when searching for product pricing, availability, reviews, feature comparison, limited-time offers, and more.

Ombori Solutions to Use for In-Store Marketing Purposes

Many companies, including Ombori, offer innovative solutions to help retailers boost their in-store marketing efforts. This Swedish-based company specializes in bridging the gap between the digital and physical retail worlds through technology.

Marketing to a Captive Audience

Research shows that it pays for retailers to market to in-store shoppers. They are the most engaged prospects a business can have. They are already familiar with the brand, interested in the store’s products and services, and just steps away from making planned — and, perhaps, unplanned purchases. Various innovative tech solutions exist to help retailers reach this captive audience and close the sale.



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